RECAPTURE SHAMPOO has been developed to free hair from conditioning residues and to enhance performance of RECAPTURE SCALP TREATMENT.

This new shampoo is PH balanced, deep cleansing and gentle on all types of hair. It eliminates the build-up that occurs from using conditioning shampoos, styling mousses and gels, and hair sprays - without drying the hair.

RECAPTURE SHAMPOO is manufactured with purified, distilled water and does not contain impurities from water or the chemicals which are added to most shampoos (chelating agents) to chemically tie-up these impurities. Note that RECAPTURE SHAMPOO is crystal clear and contains no colors or dyes. It contains a minimum amount of fragrance to impart a fresh smell. The shampoo itself is both clean and clear!

RECAPTURE SHAMPOO is deep cleansing as well as a high foamer. Combined with ease of thorough rinsing, it makes an excellent product for all stylists, both professional and home use. Hair must be properly prepared before perming, coloring or styling to give consistent performance and repeatability of these services. RECAPTURE SHAMPOO gives you this and more.

Strong enough to lift build-up, but gentle enough to use as a regular shampoo, RECAPTURE SHAMPOO leaves hair clean, fresh, and manageable. It's performance in the salon has made it highly recommended for at-home use.

The RECAPTURE SYSTEM is a two-product system of Shampoo and Scalp Treatment. These two products have been specialty formulated to cleanse the hair and scalp of dirt and residues from styling aids.They can emulsify the dried oils which build up around the hair shaft and clog the pores of the scalp. These products have been successful in cleansing the scalp, reducing hair loss and promoting healthy hair growth!


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