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The hair care market has a new frontier after the mousse-scalp care and treatment." Margaret Vogel, Associate Editor of "Personal Products Industry Journal".

Uneet Co. Inc. is happy to bring you the most exciting new product in the field-RECAPTURE Scalp Treatment. This new product was developed on medical research carried out at the University of Helsinki in Finland, as well as other corroborative research. Scientists were looking for a product to cleanse the scalp completely prior to the application of topical anti-cancer agents. The formulation that is now the basis of RECAPTURE worked extremely well at cleansing the scalp, as well as emulsifying dried oils which tend to clog the pores of the scalp.

Besides cleansing the scalp, two very significant side effects have been noted after regular use of RECAPTURE SCALP TREATMENT:

    1. Abnormal hair loss is eliminated. Normally, at the end of the hair growth cycle (2 to 6 years), the hair detaches from the papilla and falls out. From a full head of hair, this can amount to 30 hairs lost per day. When this amount of hair loss is exceeded, it is a case of abnormal hair loss. Aside from cases caused by illness or medication, it is a case of abnormal hair loss. Aside from cases caused by illness or medication, abnormal hair loss in both men and women is primarily caused when the secretion of oils, fatty acids and hormones dry out and clog the hair follicle. Blow drying, coloring , perms and environmental changes can contribute to the drying process. The hair from a clogged follicle will tend to break off at the scalp when brushed, combed, shampooed or moved mechanically.

    Hair loss is also due to the presence of these other compounds in sebum which may block the normal activity of certain sulfur containing components in the hair. RECAPTURE emulsifies these compounds and eliminates this problem. Emulsifiers are widely used chemicals in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Them are used when an oil and water must be mixed together and made homogenous. The emulsifiers used in RECAPTURE are food grade emulsifiers; they are free to attach to the excess dried oils in the scalp. RECAPTURE holds these oils and allows them to be rinsed away. Normal shampooing cleans the hair, but not the scalp. The second daily application of RECAPTURE allows time for deep cleansing of the scalp by penetrating the dried oils of the hair follicles.
    Users find that a significant reduction in abnormal hair loss is evident after 3-4 days of regular use.
    2. Healthy hair growth is promoted. When the pores in the scalp become clogged with these dried oil secretions, not only is there abnormal hair loss, but normal replacement hair growth is slowed or even stopped. By regularly using the RECAPTURE SCALP TREATMENT, these dried oils are emulsified and the pores are opened. Hair will then grow naturally from all viable hair follicles. Today modern medical research is making many advances related to hair loss and hair growth. Two main categories of scalp treatment exist. The first category involves the use of drugs that are vasodilators and only. available through prescription. The drug receiving the publicity is Monoxidil (tm), manufactured by the Upjohn Company. As reported on the ABC television show "20/20 " this vasodilator is being applied in a lotion to the scalp. Regenerated hair growth has resulted in 30%-50% of the cases. This product and others like it are assumed to work by dilating the small blood vessels in the scalp and at the base of the hair follicle, allowing more oxygen to reach the hair follicle and stimulate hair growth.

    The second category of products are agents which cleanse the scalp by emulsifying dried oil secretions that block the hair follicle. RECAPTURE SCALP TREATMENT is in this category. It is extremely safe, using a food grade nonionic emulsifier in an aqueous solution containing a simple preservative system to guarantee long shelf life. The book "Life Extension" by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw refers to the active ingredients in Recapture. Mr. Pearson concludes with a statement that he now has more hair at age 38 than he did when he was 27 and balding. Pearson also refers to scientific studies that report an average of 60% hair regrowth in just six months of daily use in many people.

    RECAPTURE IS EASY TO USE. It is applied twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. After shampooing and rinsing the hair, apply only 3-4 drops to your hand and massage briskly into the scalp. Repeat as needed to cover the scalp completely. Concentrate on thinning areas, massaging well - it's good for your scalp. Rinse the hair with warm water. The second application can be applied to dry hair. For best results, leave on hair and scalp overnight. Your hair should not look wet or "greasy" - this means that your are using too much. The 8 ounce bottle should last 3 months.

    Now both men and women can take advantage of this product, formerly available only in the professional beauty salon, to cleanse the scalp, reduce abnormal hair loss and promote healthy hair growth!

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